New Ideas Start Here


For my Favorite website I had to really think about this. I am a huge social media girl with Facebook, Instagram, and many others but for a website that I use as a go to for EVERYTHING: recipes, ideas for parties, games, decoration ideas, wedding ideas, and so many other things I go to Pinterest. I go on Pinterest just about daily, sometimes I even have to force myself to get off of it and start being productive.

Looking for a good screen shot for this blog I got distracted by something i see and then I started to dig into some other things and this 600 word blog took me an extra 30 minutes just because I started to look at things and pin things while in the middle of this. I follow over 1,000 boards on Pinterest and I have 4 of my own boards as well.

Why You Should Use Pinterest

The website it self is easy to use and has many helpful hints if you can not find something you are looking for. Even if you do not know what you are looking for exactly but lets say you are going to be having a baby shower (I recently just did this and used Pinterest). You could start by searching the words “baby shower” and from there it will then give you the option to be more specific and click on key words that you want to add like: boy, girl, food, games, decorations, themes, gifts and so many other things. That is a newer tool that they have added within the last 6-8 months and its great! You don’t have to know what you are looking for and Pinterest will help narrow down to almost exactly what you are looking for.

Many people talk about how our attention span is getting so small well with Pinterest when you are online you can brows through pictures and read small bites about what the item/product is and then click into it if you want to see more. When you click into it even more some have step by step pictures or a video showing you how to do it or make it. I have had a girlfriend who just got married not that long ago and she planned her wedding on Pinterest, from things to the decorations, cake ideas, picture ideas, locations, foods, and so many other things.

Another nice thing about Pinterest is that its not someone sitting online all day making these things up on how to do things or what you should be doing. Its real life people who have done or have seen or have ate the stuff that they are showing you online. And if you have a question about something or don’t understand it or maybe want to change something and you want to know if they person has tried it you can also message them on Pinterest. I have found this to be a great help when I am looking at healthy foods and eating healthy because I am a picky eater so i like to change some of the things out for other things and I now talk with a lady on there regularly about the foods that she put up and then things I can change them out for.

Finally the last thing I have to say about Pinterest, because I could go on and on forever, it doesn’t fill your emails up with a bunch of junk mail! I love it!

I am going to be going on vacation in a couple of days and this is my page were I have my packing tips, travel tips, etc.


Think Lite ….Think few Calories


I do not read many magazines and if I do they are sports related. When i do look at a magazine I am either sitting at the doctor office and looking at the ads and pictures or I am following a specific sports even that is going on that I want to know more about or read about.  I choose this Sports Illustrated magazine because I felt that it had a great back cover. With the new year starting and everyone wanting to get healthy and watch what they eat/drink this was a great ad. I am not a big drinker but knowing that this beer has fewer calories may lead more people to drink it.The low calories in the drink and on the ad is a great way for guy or gals who like to drink beer to use the excuse that, less calories so its not as bad for them even while they are on their diet.

I thought it was very interesting to show the glass of beer behind the bottle as well to show that it comes both in tap and a bottle. I don’t think that some people would notice that or notice that they are telling you through that picture that they offer tap and bottle. I know some people that would prefer been in a bottle and some that would prefer it on tap. Having this option available will bring more people to the party.


1 Snapchat Leads to Dozens of Flowers

 It all started with a silly snap chat!

This valentines day I was working at day and all night. To start the morning off my mom and dad had made breakfast, I went to the gym with them and then left for work. Being in a great mood and feeling great I thought  “hey, why not take a quick selfie” falling in love with the picture I then wrote on it that I work at Dicks that night and that if someone would bring me flowers I would be their valentine. Being single this year I thought what the heck why not. So I sent that snap to my story just to see what would happen.

1423950544382                    Working an 8 and a half hour shift, totally forgetting about sending that snap chat out, just at the end of the night 20 minutes before we close I hear my name get called over the head set. I was called to go to the front desk, I was in back working with the money and getting ready to close so my response was “No, have someone else come up there who can help you because I can not leave the money sitting here.” The guy at the front desk that I work with said that it needed to be me and no one else. Right away everyone on the head set is asking who it is and what it is. I get another manager to come to the back and sit with the money while I went up to the front to see what was going on. There standing by the door was my dad with BIG bouquets of flowers.


It brought a tear to my eye but I did not want to cry in front of everyone else that was there. My boss and other coworkers were all standing looking at us as I gave my dad a hug.

I just started working at Dicks Sporting Goods a few months earlier so not everyone has gotten the change to meet my family, and the first thing someone says when he gives me a kiss on the check and then walks out it “WOW! You have an old boyfriend.” I just laughed and said, “If I had a boyfriend like him I would never have another worry in the world.” I then continued to tell them that yes it is my dad. I wouldn’t not have wanted anyone else besides him to bring me flowers!


My Final Snap Chat for the Night!

Love Love Love this mascara


Best beauty product for everyday & going out life style!

This is by far the best mascara that I have used! The way that it applies and stays on through out the day is just perfect.

This Maybelline Great Lash is on the top of my target list every time that I go. I am not one to say I am a make up professional but I know great lashes when I seen them. My mom first introduced me to this mascara about 2 years ago when she originally bought it for herself but then didn’t like how “spider leg” it made her lashes look. Since then I have been a devoted Maybelline user.

The best thing about this mascara is not only the mascara it self but the brush that comes with it. The angle/shape of the brush is amazing, it gets into the eyelashes and covers every eye lash giving you a fuller, longer look. The mascara stays on long and stays looking fresh. It never gets a clumpy dry like and flakes off the eye. This mascara will give you great length and a nice dark color.

2015-02-13 11.22.05

One coat of Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

I do some high school girls hair and make up for prom/snow daze and any school dances and after using this mascara one time at my house I know of a few of them who are now using it in their every day lives. I have people who will ask me while I am work about my eye lashes and if they are fake and how I did it and what I use. I have done a few tutorials online applying and using this mascara and telling everyone how much I love it. I have also done some face to face tutorials with some ladies from one of my jobs showing them what I use and how I apply it. Now there is other make up involved, I don’t just use mascaras but 99% of the time people are complementing my eyes and the make up I have on them and my eye lashed both for length and thickness. I do not sell Maybelline so I do not get paid to do all of this or to promote their products but I would be lying if I didn’t say that I LOVED it!

Maybelline has a HUGE online presents on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. With over 4 million likes, 3.5 million followers and given 4 out of 5 stars on their mascara I think they are doing great. They also have so many you tubers who talk about and do demos of their products that get 1 million plus views.


What does it mean to do something like a GIRL?

This commercial was by far my favorite one in the super bowl this year. I liked it mostly just because I play sports and I hear people refer to how I play and how some other play, “You hit like a girl,” “You throw like a girl,” “Come on suck it up you girl,” and my favorite one is, “You’re not that bad for a girl.” Is that supposed to be a complement? I think most guys think is it. I play co-ed softball and some of those guys on the field don’t even treat us, girl, any different but then the others go on and on about how they don’t want to “hurt a girl.”

I think this commercial is great because first the boys totally insult girls and how they run and throw and act like girls, at least what they think girls look like. But those little girls that they then ask the same questions to are inspiring and amazing to see that just because they are girls does not mean that they will be doing the specific sport or activity any different from boys do.